Dealing with disruption is the new business standard – are you keeping up or lagging behind?

Every business is vulnerable to disruptions – generation changes, industry shifts, regulatory modifications, talent shortages, weather delays, and yes, even global pandemics. Better tools and solid processes minimize the impact of these disruptions to ensure business continuity as best as possible.


Analytics to Action. Strategy to Results.

A comprehensive approach to back-office accounting and financial planning and analysis delivers timely financial information to enable data-driven decision making. Our scalable approach and process automation delivers financial information you can trust. While we have always promoted partnerships with our clients, MAXIS gives us a more proactive, collaborative approach to add even more value.


Convert analytics to action, drive results, maximize potential.

A partnership with MAXIS provides access to the technical tax, accounting and advisory services of Freed Maxick as needed, instead of maintaining full-time resources internally. With a streamlined approach to reporting you can confidently move forward and focus on growing you organization.


The Freed Maxick Way

We conduct frequent quantitative research to ensure our level of client satisfaction exceeds expectation. Repeatedly, clients tell us that our quality of work, delivery of service, and a true partner collaboration are what set us apart from the competition.

Leveraging our partnerships, we aim to elevate the client experience. We bring expertise and insights that make us ideal business partners to deliver the highest levels of strategic leadership, consistent results, and extraordinary business value.

And now, with MAXIS, we provide more certainty that you can emerge stronger, better organized, and more successful. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. The hardest part? Getting started.


Let’s take the first step.
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