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INdustries Served - BuffaloCPA Firm
INdustries Served - BuffaloCPA Firm
INdustries Served - BuffaloCPA Firm

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Hospice Buffalo

Why does Hospice Buffalo trust Freed Maxick? As experts in health care, non-profit and tax accounting, Freed understands the complexity of Hospice Buffalo’s needs. Freed Maxick has helped Hospice Buffalo adapt and grow to better serve the community – and that’s healthy for everyone.


Why does the Newman family trust the team at Freed Maxick? Because Freed challenges NOCO to think outside of the box and into the future. With Freed Maxick’s help, NOCO has expanded its geographic footprint, improved profitability and reenergized its leadership.

New Era

Why do Kevin Wilson and New Era trust Freed Maxick? Because for more than 20 years, Freed has helped New Era grow into a global brand, with accounting services, strategic tax planning, global acquisition support and continues to stand alongside New Era as their needs grow and change.


Why do Phil Fain and Ultralife trust Freed Maxick? Because as Ultralife faced restructuring, Freed provided them with tools for smart growth, including a strategic outlook for the future, tactical solutions to reach targeted goals, and guidance to help them succeed.

CY Farms

Why do Craig and Christian Yunker and CY Farms trust Freed Maxick? Before for over 25 years, Freed has helped CY Farms with everything from day-to-day transactions and tax planning to acquisitions and estate planning.