This past weekend I volunteered with the B Team Buffalo and other Freed Maxick employees to help Cradle Beach get ready for its first summer campers. 28 volunteers showed up for the event and we were able to paint the bunk beds in 7 cabins, paint the outside of 4 cabins, paint the bathrooms of 2 cabins, and plant flowers throughout the grounds.  All of the volunteers were able to take a tour of the grounds and having never been there before I was truly impressed.  From the large beach to the huge tree fort which is the largest handicap accessible tree fort in NY, it was easy to see why so many deserving children attend this camp each year.

If you have not heard of Cradle Beach before they are a camp that serves the needs of children with disabilities and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide a healthy environment and organized activities to promote socialization, self-worth, and decision making, in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.  I was excited to find out that the B Team Buffalo was able to help Cradle Beach get ready for the upcoming summer camps.

I have served on the B Team Buffalo as Treasurer since it starter in 2008.  The B Team Buffalo is primarily a volunteer organization directed at engaging young professionals to become more active in their community through our own volunteer driven events as well as assisting other great organizations like Cradle Beach.

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