Business Intelligence Consulting

Freed Maxick’s Business Intelligence Consulting practice focuses on understanding opportunities that otherwise would go unnoticed in your data. Business Intelligence (BI) consulting helps your organization leverage the siloed and disparate data you already generate, bring it into a single data model, and make it accessible using intuitive and interactive dashboards. This transform your data into an intelligent resource that improves performance and gives you a competitive advantage


Regardless of size or industry.

All organizations have data that can be leveraged more effectively. Understanding sales, revenue collection, labor costs and customer satisfaction issues are universal needs. Freed Maxick can help you use your data to enhance strategies, develop competitive advantages, open up new revenue opportunities, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.


Our team of experienced professionals can help your organization build a successful, sustainable data analytics program. Our approach can help focus your team’s efforts, achieve quick results and deliver value.


Our services replace the manual and error-prone data gathering exercises performed on a recurring basis with an automated process.


When you can eliminate non-value data gathering tasks it allows you to focus on the analysis of results and identification of opportunities.


Our processes have various controls that help identify your potential data quality issues proactively.


Unlike the static row and column-based reports, our solutions are highly interactive and visual, helping you more readily understand opportunities, and to drill into the data for further investigation.


Oftentimes, organizations have competing definitions and sources of information. When we deploy solutions, you will have a single source of truth from which to evaluate information.


Why Freed Maxick?

We’re invested.

We have already invested in the hardware, software and human capital skillsets to deploy a BI solution successfully, mitigating the need for you to make such investments on your own.

Faster ROI.

We partner with you to implement deliverables in a much shorter time frame and at a reduced cost given we spread expenses over multiple clients.


We offer the ability to ”start small” and expand and grow the platform as the your needs demand, at your own pace.