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Technology Consulting - Buffalo CPA Firm

Strategic Information Technology (IT)

Strategic Information Technology (IT) Planning

Your information systems are a critical resource for your organization, helping you gain a competitive advantage, bolster staff productivity and enable your organization to operate more effectively.

To keep your information strategy aligned with your organization’s business goals, you need a long-range plan that addresses current and future systems requirements. That’s why strategic information technology planning is critical to your success.

Strategic IT Planning helps to build an information technology plan that is more closely integrated and aligned with your organizational strategy. Our approach to strategic information technology planning often includes the following:

  • Analysis of information and needs gathered through in-depth interviews with your management team and staff
  • Identification of requirements
  • Prioritization of system improvement opportunities
  • Structured planning approach that defines business and information system goals, objectives and strategies for your organization

This approach is designed to provide you with:

  • A comprehensive three- to five-year initiative implementation
  • Recommended alternatives to satisfy each strategic initiative
  • Budget estimates that allocate costs to the appropriate years
  • Detailed implementation schedules for initiatives related to hardware, software, controls, staffing and training
  • Coordination of your IS implementation activities with your business plan

There are several benefits to strategic information technology planning. They include:

  • Improved, organization-wide technology use
  • Increased competitive advantage as a result of a more efficient and effective system
  • A managed approach to hardware and software expenses
  • The ability to better manage change and growth