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Asset Based Lending Field Examination Services

Asset Based Lending | Field Examination Services

Today our priorities, like yours, are protecting the health and safety of our employees and clients and their families. To that end, we have become a remote workforce. As a result, our employees are refraining from on-site client work and eliminating office visits until further notice.

Fortunately, we are well prepared for this contingency. Our technological capabilities enable us to work seamlessly from remote locations, without impacting our ability to work collaboratively with you – ensuring we can provide uninterrupted service. We have taken the appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of lender and borrower information and are able to offer remote field exams and due diligence for your organization. Please reach out to for more information.


Freed Maxick ABL Services is one of the nation’s largest providers of ABL field exam outsourcing services to asset-based lending and other financial institutions that have granted loans, increased credit lines, reduced credit lines, or reduced loan loss exposure.

Our objective is to assist lenders in evaluating the integrity of their customer’s collateral by performing pre-loan surveys and rotational collateral monitoring field examinations. We have also helped provide direction for an orderly liquidation of operations.

Our service is designed to help supplement your asset-based lending department with high level expertise and manpower on short-term notice, to assist the lender in protecting its assets and collateral.

Our Services Include:

  • Pre-loan surveys, rotational inspections and specialized forensic accounting
  • Assessment of collateral exposure and advance rates
  • Evaluation of accounting procedures and financing reporting capabilities
  • Multi-location field examination capabilities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe

Industry experience includes, but is not limited to: Airlines, Healthcare, Industrial and Consumer Manufacturing, Lumber, Energy, Professional Services, Retail,  and Wholesale/Distribution.