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Late June, 2014- So here I sit at Midway airport. My flight was scheduled to leave Chicago at 7:40pm, and so far it’s delayed until 11:25pm due to a tornado threat. Yikes!  Although I’m frustrated, tired, and uncomfortable, things could be worse (see “tornado threat” above). I have my laptop, WiFi, and some free time…

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Queen City Downtown Tour

Buffalo Through the Eyes of a Newcomer I’ve worked in downtown Buffalo for just over 6 months. When I joined Freed Maxick in November, one of the first things I noticed was how ornate some of the buildings are. Some bear names etched over their doorways that hearken back to when they were first built, and…

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Who is Lawrence Herbert?

It’s hard to believe that Pantone has been around for more than 50 years. This incredible unified color system changed the way designers throughout the world did their jobs, and we owe it all to Pan. In the early 1960s Herbert’s Pantone printing company produced a retail display that helped ladies find the right shade of…

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