Our Employees

Work, learn, and grow your career.

Freed Maxick has worked hard to achieve a positive environment. We want to share with you how some of our employees view corporate culture, their work environment and how they balance their career, life and play.

Kristin Biagiotti - Buffalo Rochester NY

Kristina | Rochester Audit

“I came to Freed Maxick in the summer of 2014 when my husband and I moved to the Rochester area. From day one, the people at Freed have made me feel welcome. They give you the opportunity to try out different areas to determine what the best fit for you is, and I feel appreciated for the work that I do while enjoying the day to day. It is important to have balance between your work life and personal life and Freed emphasizes this. They offer flex time during the off season which allows us Western New Yorker’s to enjoy the little nice weather that we get! Freed understands that it is the employees that make the Firm and rewards them for their hard work.

The Management at Freed is great – they are willing to help improve and further your professional career, as well as taking an interest in your personal life. Speaking from experience, I can say that Freed will go the extra mile to ensure that you as an employee are happy.”

Dave Porter - Buffalo Rochester NY

David | Batavia Tax

“I began my career at Freed Maxick straight out of college, with no experience in public accounting. The people at Freed were very helpful and supportive as I went through the transition from college student to working professional. Furthermore, the Firm is very cognizant of studying requirements for the CPA exam and offers great incentives for passing the CPA exam on a timely basis.

The Firm puts a great focus on enabling employees when it comes to career development. They are providing greater transparency when it comes to promotion and upward movement, as well as personal evaluations so you know what your areas of strength are and where there is room for improvement. Moreover, they will provide whatever help you need to continue your career growth, whether it comes in the form of internal or external trainings.

Personally, the greatest benefit Freed offers is the schedule flexibility we are given. Our technology gives us the ability to work virtually from anywhere, which is a big help when you have young children. Working on your own schedule is great, and gives me extra time to do things like spend a Friday afternoon at home with my wife and kids or play an extra round of golf in the summer.”

Kaitlyn Pettit - Buffalo Rochester NY

Kaitlyn | Buffalo Audit

“I began working full-time as a staff accountant in the Audit and Attest Department at Freed Maxick in the fall of 2015. I was looking for a firm that would allow me the best opportunity to grow and succeed within the accounting profession. Freed Maxick was and still is that firm.

In addition to the work/life balance Freed Maxick gives you, another unique aspect is the newly created position of the Professional Development Officer. The Firm encourages all of its professionals to obtain CPA licensure as well as other various professional certifications, however they take it a step farther and offer their employees the resources to accomplish their career goals. The PDO position was created to track our career development and assist us on our journey in completing the exam. If you have interest in a particular industry or type of accounting service, the PDO can assist you with getting exposure and developing your skills based on these interests. I have utilized this resource, which, I believe, has lent to my continued growth and development as a professional.

Freed Maxick supports its employees and cares about the well-being and opinions of each individual employee. Freed Maxick continuously challenges me and has helped me grow as a professional. Freed also remains one of the best career decisions I have ever made.”