Our Employees

Work, learn, and grow your career.

Freed Maxick has worked hard to achieve a positive environment. We want to share with you how some of our employees view corporate culture, their work environment and how they balance their career, life and play.

Mazin | Rochester Audit

“I began my career with Freed Maxick as an audit associate after college. It’s mesmerizing to look back and see how lucky I was to join the mission, vision, and culture of this company. I completed several internships and was struggling to find my field of focus (audit/tax) until I found the MAX internship program at Freed Maxick. Sometimes you find yourself at a in time your life and say, ”Yes, this is the right place for me.”

During the 6-week internship, I met over 100 people; received hands-on, one-on-one training; worked with 6 different audit teams and clients in different industries, and participated in client tours and volunteer programs. I was offered a full-time job for the following year allowing me to complete my MBA.

Knowing I had a job after graduation allowed me to focus on my MBA and study for the CPA exam. Here is when Freed Maxick convinced me they care for their employees. I still had one exam part to complete when I started working, and the Firm’s flexibility allowed me to finish and the pass the exam. My coworkers provided insight, advice, and encouragement along the way.

I can go on about Freed Maxick all day, but I know I couldn’t have made a better choice for employment. The transition from college to professional career was aided by my internship and the detailed, comprehensive onboarding program. My experience so far as an employee is no different than during the internship and onboarding program which highlights the high levels of transparency and integrity Freed Maxick possesses. I keep imagining what the future holds for me at Freed Maxick. And it’s exciting!”

Rebecca | Buffalo Tax

After spending over five years at another local accounting firm, I joined Freed Maxick in the spring of 2018. While it was difficult making the decision to leave the people who had become family to me over the years, it quickly became the best decision I have ever made. Not only did Freed Maxick welcome me with open arms, but since my time with the Firm I have grown immensely in my career. Freed Maxick has allowed me to thrive in the areas I am most interested in and has catered to developing my professional needs.

The culture at Freed Maxick is everything I had hoped for and more. Freed Maxick strives to put their employees’ well-being first and offers a range of flexible work arrangements in order for employees to achieve an optimal work-life balance.

When I first decided that I wanted to make a change, I knew that Freed Maxick was my top choice and that was further confirmed during the interview process. I specifically remember one of the interviewers saying “Other firms are like classical music, but at Freed Maxick – we are Rock and Roll!” While the analogy is pretty funny, it has proven to be very true. The employees at Freed Maxick are not your typical boring accountants; we have fun, all while taking our tasks at hand seriously and providing top notch service to our clients. I can truly say I am proud to be a Freed Maxick employee!

Dave Porter - Buffalo Rochester NY

David | Batavia Tax

“I began my career at Freed Maxick straight out of college, with no experience in public accounting. The people at Freed were very helpful and supportive as I went through the transition from college student to working professional. Furthermore, the Firm is very cognizant of studying requirements for the CPA exam and offers great incentives for passing the CPA exam on a timely basis.

The Firm puts a great focus on enabling employees when it comes to career development. They are providing greater transparency when it comes to promotion and upward movement, as well as personal evaluations so you know what your areas of strength are and where there is room for improvement. Moreover, they will provide whatever help you need to continue your career growth, whether it comes in the form of internal or external trainings.

Personally, the greatest benefit Freed offers is the schedule flexibility we are given. Our technology gives us the ability to work virtually from anywhere, which is a big help when you have young children. Working on your own schedule is great, and gives me extra time to do things like spend a Friday afternoon at home with my wife and kids or play an extra round of golf in the summer.”