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International Tax Services

International trade is the key driver to the business growth of many global companies today. However, the wrong U.S. and foreign tax structure can put your company at a real disadvantage. What many fail to realize is all companies are not alike. At Freed Maxick, we try to gain an understanding of the issues you face. Our international tax professionals serve individuals as well as businesses, both domestic and foreign; dedicating their time advising companies on world-wide tax issues. We draw upon our multi-national knowledge to implement global tax strategies relevant to your company.

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Canadian | U.S. Tax Compliance | Cross Border

Expatriate Consulting Services
Expatriate Tax Planning
With proper planning, our professionals can ensure that your international employees pay the minimum amount of tax necessary. We look for ways to minimize your employees’ U.S. and foreign social security, payroll, and other taxes, as well as limit your corporate exposure to taxation in a host country.

33-must-know-questions-FBARForeign Bank Account Reporting | FBAR
Freed Maxick is poised to assist you in assessing your FBAR filing requirements, assimilating the necessary information and preparing your current and past due FBARs. We have helped many taxpayers navigate through the OVDI program with no penalties.

Competing in today’s global marketplace requires specialized expertise. Our professionals are uniquely qualified to assist small to large businesses to implement tax structures that can help minimize global taxes.

International Corporate Tax Services
As a Top 100 accounting firm in the nation, Freed Maxick works with many global companies to provide a host of international corporate tax services.

International Tax Compliance
International tax compliance can be a full-time job, as each country has a host of specialized rules and regulations. We can help meet your global compliance requirements by assessing the jurisdiction in which you operate, and assigning the proper tax professional.

International Tax Structuring
Our international tax professionals can analyze your worldwide structure to help minimize your worldwide effective tax rate. The proper structure can ensure that you take advantage of the benefits available under the tax laws of the countries you operate in throughout the world.

Passive Foreign Investment Company | PFIC | Services
Each U.S. person owning shares of a PFIC may be required to file IRS Form 8621 annually. In certain situations, if you receive income from a PFIC you may be subject to an aggressive tax and interest regime. While the provisions can be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with the Internal Revenue Code, Freed Maxick’s International Tax Team can assist.

Transfer Pricing Studies | Analysis
With the increased emphasis on transfer pricing regulations world-wide, companies face an increasing risk of audit by both the IRS and tax authorities throughout the world. Our international tax professionals can review your organization’s inter-company transactions to ensure you are complying with transfer pricing regulations in the U.S. and abroad.

U.S. Tax Services for Canadians
Because of Buffalo’s unique location on the southern edge of the Canadian/American Commercial Corridor and its proximity to almost 50% of the United States population, Western New York is host to a multitude of Canadian companies doing business in the United States. Consequently, the Canadian services division of Freed Maxick has expanded significantly in response to growing U.S. operations of many Canadian owned companies, as well as serving individual needs.
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