International Tax - Buffalo Rochester NY
International Tax - Buffalo Rochester NY
International Tax - Buffalo Rochester NY
International Tax - Buffalo Rochester NY

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Canadian Corporate Tax Services

Headquartered in the unique geographic location of Western New York, adjacent to Southern Ontario, Freed Maxick has been working with Chartered Accounting (CA) Firms throughout Canada for over 30 years, helping them serve their client’s US tax needs.

Our Canadian Tax Services

With our team of 10 cross border specialists, we are happy to handle routine inquiries from CA’s at no charge, and work closely with them to ensure that no detail is left out. Our consulting service capabilities include:

  • Inbound Structuring – If you are a foreign enterprise that is looking to expand into the US, we can help you choose the best structure for the acquisition.
  • Merger and Acquisition – If you are contemplating a reorganization, we can help in a number of ways. Our service offerings include helping you assess the mechanics of the deal, applicability of tax-free reorganization laws and Section 338(g) if applicable, purchase accounting consulting as well as due diligence consulting.
  • Income Tax Treaty Consulting – Our professionals can help you navigate through the complexities of the US Canada Income Tax treaty. This includes consulting on permanent establishments, taxability of business profits, treaty based tax return filings, as well as consulting regarding the applicability of reduced rates of withholding under this treaty.
  • Federal Tax Compliance – If you are a foreign entity that has operations in the US, our professionals are well versed to handle all of your Federal tax return filing needs. Whether you have to file Corporate or Partnership returns, Freed Maxick has a dedicated team of professionals specially trained to handle all of your filing requirements.
  • State and Local Income and Sales Tax Consulting – Our dedicated team of state tax experts are trained to deal with all of your state needs. Whether it’s analyzing the applicability of the sales tax laws, preparing state income and franchise tax returns, or preparing a Nexus study, we can consult with you regarding any state in the US.
  • Transfer Pricing Consulting – Whether you have inter-company management fee charges, product sales or royalty charges, our team can help with your transfer pricing needs. We can assist in reviewing your current transfer pricing for reasonableness, assist with documentation of inter-company charges through a study, or show you how to use transfer pricing as a tax planning tool.
  • Foreign Financing Structures – For companies that are expanding globally, Freed Maxick can assist with the implementation of foreign financing structures to take advantage of international tax treaties and help defer US taxation.
  • Check-the-Box Regulations – In order to minimize taxation in the US, we can assist with planning and determining the benefits or detriments of applying the Check-the-Box Regulations to your global structure.